Community Shuttle 2 (CS-2)

Community Shuttle 2 (CS-2)

Innovative micro-transit vehicle with low-floor design and dual ramps.

The CS-2 is a micro-transit vehicle manufactured by Creative Carriage. The CS-2 is built on the RAM Promaster 2500 Window Van and features a unique, patent-pending dual manual ramp and low-floor design.The manual In-Floor Side Ramp and the manual Fold-Out Rear Ramp, Operator Assist Handles allow for fast, efficient loading times and greater passenger comfort.

Designed for quiet, smooth, and fuel-efficient operation, the CS-2 easily navigates dense traffic and quiet residential environments. Its innovative design includes OEM styling of the interior and exterior for both residential and commercial settings. A top choice for your ever-expanding transportation requirements.

Fully FMVSS/CMVSS, ADA, and D409-compliant, this micro-bus is available in a variety of floor plans capable of carrying up to 3 wheelchairs or up to 7 ambulatory passengers, in addition to the driver.

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  • Chassis: Ram Promaster 2500, 159” High Roof Window Van
  • Engine: 3.6L PentastarTM Variable Valve Timing (VVT) V6
  • Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic 62TE
  • Alternator: 220 Amp
  • Powder Coated 409 Stainless Steel Low-Floor Frame Structure w/ Undercoating
  • Bifold Bus Door Side Entry
  • ½” Marine Grade Plywood Subfloor
  • Fully Welded Altro Flooring w/ Yellow Step Nosing


  • Side 34” Wide In-Floor Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp w/ Safety Interlock and Operators Handle
  • Simple to Use Manual Override for Side Ramp Interlock System
  • Rear 34” Wide Zero Effort Spring Assist Manual Ramp
  • Patent-Pending Easy Deploy Rear Ramp Handle
  • Wheelchair Capacity of Up to 3 Passengers
  • Q’Straint L’Track or Slide n’ Click Restraint Options
  • Seating Capacity for Up to 7 Passengers
  • Freedman 3PT GO and Feather Weight Seating Options


  • Easy Clean ABS Interior Wall, Door, and Ceiling Panels w/ Insulation
  • Removable Overhead Bifold and B-Pillar Access Panels
  • Overhead Mounted Rear Heat and Air Conditioning System w/ Access Door
  • Ceiling Mounted Ducting System for Rear HVAC
  • Grab Bar at Passenger Side Entrance, Yellow, Stainless Steel
  • Grab Bars on Bifold Entry Doors, Yellow, Stainless Steel
  • LED Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • OEM Backup Camera
  • Easy Access 12 Volt Electrical System
  • Backup Alarm

Available Options

  • Camera or Fare Box Prewire
  • Driver Storage and Electronics Compartment
  • Q’Straint Storage Rack
  • Ceiling Mounted Grab Bars w/ Standee Straps
  • Rear Door Modesty Panels w/ Grab Bars

Vehicle Dimensions:

    • Useable Ramp Width (Side & Rear): 34”
    • Bifold Doors Clear Entry Width: 34”
    • Bifold Doors Clear Entry Height: 69”
    • Step-In Height at Side Barn Doors: 13”
    • Interior Height: 80”
    • Overall Tub Length: 134”
    • Front Tub Length: 61”
    • Overall Vehicle Width (Not Including Mirrors): 83”