Community Shuttle (CS-1)

Community Shuttle (CS-1)

Innovative group home vehicle with low-floor design and rear ramp.

The Community Shuttle (CS-1) is a group home vehicle manufactured by Creative Carriage. The CS-1 is built on a RAM Promaster 2500 Window Van chassis and provides a unique addition to the low-floor commercial transportation market. It offers a quick, comfortable, and dignified loading experience from either the low side door step or the rear access, zero-effort spring ramp.

Fully FMVSS/CMVSS, ADA, and D409-compliant, the Community Shuttle is available in a variety of floor plans capable of carrying 2 or 3 wheelchair passengers or up to 7 ambulatory passengers, in addition to the driver.

Designed for quiet, smooth, and fuel-efficient operation, the Community Shuttle easily navigates dense traffic and quiet residential environments. Its innovative design includes OEM styling of the interior and exterior for both residential and commercial settings. A top choice for your ever-expanding transportation requirements.

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  • Fully-Lowered Floor Design
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Epoxy Primed Inside and Out
  • 34” Wide Rear Entry Zero Effort Spring Assist Ramp
  • Extra Large Floor Space for Mobility Aids Measuring 60”
  • Freedman 3PT Seating
  • Q’Straint L’Track or Slide n’ Click
  • Bright Spacious Interior
  • OEM Styling Throughout Conversion

Vehicle Dimensions

  • Ramp Width: 34”
  • Width at Side Sliding Door: 67”
  • Front Tub Length: 61”
  • Overall Tub Length: 134”
  • Rear Tub Width: 35”
  • Step-In Height at Side Door: 14”
  • Interior Height: 82”
  • Overall Vehicle Length: 236”
  • Overall Vehicle Width: 82.7”
  • Overall Vehicle Height: 101”
  • GVWR: 8900 lbs. / 4037 kg.