Dodge Grand Caravan | Advantage SE

Dodge Grand Caravan | Advantage SE

Available with a 10” or 14” lowered floor, the Advantage SE comes standard with the widest ramp and door opening in the industry, as well as an easy access ramp and kneeling controls.

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Strong Fold-Out Ramp

The Advantage SE features the industry’s widest and strongest side-door fold-out ramp. Built from aircraft-grade aluminium, the 31” wide ramp provides a 750 lbs. rating for easy wheelchair access and ramp durability. The Advantage SE also boasts 56” of head clearance through the door and an industry-leading 33” width. The SE’s side-door access retains rear cargo space behind the third-row seating.

Stainless-Steel Floor

Revability’s wheelchair accessible vehicles feature stainless-steel floors, which include rocker panels and a rear subfloor. More rigid than aluminium or galvanized steel, this lowered-floor design provides unmatched durability and includes a 7-year/70,000 mile no-rust-through warranty.

Spacious Interior

The Advantage SE features a spacious wheelchair accessible van interior with lots of front-to-back length. An additional 3” of space in the front firewall area leaves more room for wheelchair footrests, allowing you to ride comfortably in the front passenger position or even drive from your power chair.

Standard Features

  • 14’’ Lowered Stainless-Steel Floor
  • Kneeling Feature
  • Both Front Seats Removable
  • Colour-Keyed Removable
  • 54’’ Long Manual Fold-Out, Swing-Out Ramp
  • Q’Straint Wheelchair Restraint Tracks
  • EZ Lock Power Supply
  • EZ Lock Plate Mounting Capability
  • Modification of OEM Rear Heat/Air
  • Side Ground Effects
  • OEM Remote Control Modification
  • Transmission/Door Interlock
  • OEM Compact Spare Tire Hidden in Storage Area
  • 1 Set Q’Straint Belts
  • Q’Straint Stem

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Height of Van: 70-½” / 71-½”
  • Overall Height of Van with Luggage Rack: 73-½” / 74-½”
  • Door Opening Usable Height: 52”
  • Door Opening Usable Width: 33”
  • Interior Height at Driver & Passenger Position: 56-½”
  • Ground to Floor Height (Normal): 111-¾” / 12-¾” 6-¼”
  • Ground Clearance at Sliding Door: 5” / 6”
  • Ground Clearance at Frame (Empty): 6-¾” / 7-¾”
  • Ramp Length Overall: 54”
  • Ramp Usable Width: 31”
  • Ramp Angle (Knelt): 9.5˚/ 10.0˚