Established in 2008, ARBOC Specialty Vehicles is a North American manufacturer of low-floor buses, based in Middlebury, Indiana. ARBOC is an innovator and industry leader, responsible for pioneering the low-floor, body-on-chassis (“cutaway”) bus technology, delivering these buses to an estimated 70% of the market in Canada and the United States.

ARBOC buses exceed US federal fuel economy standards, Buy America requirements, and undergo safety testing beyond industry norms. As a result, ARBOC has been responsible for raising the industry standards for cutaway bus passenger accessibility and comfort over traditional high-floor cutaway vehicles.

In addition to their cutaway buses, ARBOC has also introduced medium-duty transit and shuttle buses based on their own chassis design. ARBOC offers a range of vehicles between 21 and 34 feet in length, which operate in transit, paratransit, and shuttle applications.

NFI Group | New Flyer

Engineering progressive transit technology

ARBOC Specialty Vehicles is a member of the New Flyer group of companies, based In Toronto, Ontario. The NFI Group is North America’s largest bus manufacturer, operating 31 facilities across Canada and the United States. The organization provides a comprehensive line of mass transportation solutions, including heavy-duty transit buses, low-floor cutaway and medium-duty buses, and motor coaches.

The NFI Group offers comprehensive parts and service support to its customers across North America, leveraging a large existing network of experienced professionals and distribution centres — including the team at Creative Carriage.

All New Flyers vehicles are backed by an internet-based warranty management system that will help ensure any problems with your vehicle are addressed with speed and transparency.