American Crusader

American Crusader

The American Crusader is a luxury tour bus with a narrow body that is shorter than a typical bus, which makes it great for small city streets. It is perfect in versatile markets such as upscale para-transit, small tours, and executive transit.

The exterior features stylish front and rear fibreglass caps, molded fibreglass skirts and wheel flares, solid pane windows, and a dual panel electric entry door. The interior includes soft cloth or plush vinyl seats, LED marker lights, and solid pane windows.

Many options are available when converting this vehicle for ADA compatibility or corporate travel, including ADA-compliant lifts and alternative fuel options.

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Features & Options

Standard Options

  • Solid Pane Windows
  • Front and Rear Fibreglass Caps
  • Fibreglass Skirts and Wheel Flares

Popular Options

  • ADA Lift
  • Overhead Parcel Racks
  • Soft Cloth Seats
  • Plush Vinyl Seats
  • Alternative Fuels

Floor Plans

  • 11 Passengers
  • 13 Passengers – Perimeter Seating
  • 13 Passengers
  • 12 Passengers

Available Chassis

Ford E-350

  • 11,500 and 12,500# GVWR
  • 138″, 158″ WB
  • 5.4L gas engine
  • Power steering, tilt wheel, cruise control

Chevy Express C3500

  • 12,300# GVWR
  • 139″, 159″ WB
  • 6.0L gas, 6.6L diesel engines