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  New Vehicles: Krystal Bus

IC Shuttle -Krystal Bus

IC Shuttle

At the heart of this remarkable shuttle is the renowned Navistar IC cab and chassis, which   combines the luxury of Krystal buses with the durability of the leading medium duty truck producer in the United States. From the sleek exterior with curved sidewalls to every painstakingly finished detail, there simply isn’t a better vehicle to fit your needs.



TC - Bus Cab & Chassis


K31, K35


25 - 36


230 or 245HP 7.6L MaxxforceDT Inline-6 Cylinder Diesel with Allison 2500 or 3000 Transmission, or 300HP 6.4L Maxxforce 7 V-8 Diesel Engine with Allison Transmission



Beauty is good. But luxury goes all the way to the core. Sporting the signature clean and sleek design that has made Krystal the industry leader in luxury, this model also features the strongest steel cage and aluminum-skinned construction available.


The wow factor. This shuttle brings it. All interior lines, lighting, seating and other luxury amenities are carefully and purposefully balanced to deliver a feeling of luxury you just can't get elsewhere. And with executive upgrades, climate control, ADA accessible equipment, and custom floor plans, you can make your way in the world exactly the way you want.

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