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This highly maneuverable, narrow-bodied shuttle is ideal for shorter trips and narrow, one-way streets. Choose between a Ford or Chevrolet chassis and enjoy upgraded interior finishes and exterior body style. Crusader is the go-to model for public transport, assisted-living facilities, hotels, and para-transportation.


Champion uses 1 1⁄2” x 1 1⁄2” 16-gauge tube galvanized steel cage and a full galvanized metal to build the Crusader's narrow body, making it one of the safest and most robust buses in the industry as well as highly maneuverable.


Multiple non-CDL floor plan configurations can accommodate up to 14 passengers.


 STANDARD OPTIONS                  

Steel-Gard Construction
Foam Insulation
Galvanized Steel Exterior Skin
Larger Side Windows: 36" X 45"
Manual Passenger Entry Door
Rear Steel Bumper
POPULAR OPTIONS                          

Rear Air Conditioning & Heat
Passenger and Driver Seat Upgrades
Audio Options
Paint and Graphics Packages
ADA Packages Available

8 Passengers, 2 Wheelchairs
14 Passengers - Perimeter Seating
12 Passengers
14 Passengers


FORD E-350                                         

11,500# GVWR / 12,500#
138" WB / 158" WB
Dual Rear Wheels
Gas Engine
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
Power Brakes
Heavy Duty Cooling Systems
OEM Dash Air and Heat
CHEVY EXPRESS                                

12,300# GVWR
139" or 159" WB
Dual Rear Wheels
Gas or Diesel Engine
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
Power Brakes
Heavy Duty Cooling Systems
OEM Dash Air and Heat

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